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Pricing & Registration

There are two tiers of pricing for the convention ticket.

The regular price will be available until December 6th 2024 and will cost 425 shekels ($125 USD/€115 Euroes)

The late last minute ticket pricing is available for the last month until the convention and will be 500 shekels per ticket ($145 USD/€135 Euroes)

The ticket price includes full access to the entire convention with everything including snacks throughout the day. It does not include meals or board.

USD and EUR prices may change slightly over the coming 12 months based on currency fluctuations.

In simple terms if you would like to stay in the hotel for both nights and eat all the meals the cost of the entire convention and sign up during the early bird sign up it will be 1655 shekels per person ($485 USD/€457 Euroes)

The option to transfer it to another person is open and available. Please email us at if you are unable to attend and wish to transfer your ticket to someone else.

We will honor all refund requests until December 7th 2023. Should you choose to opt for a refund you can reply to this email with your card’s security code (CVV) which is required for us to make the refund.
Refunds will be given in full. Please note that there may be discrepancies between the amount paid and the amount refunded due to processing fees and currency exchange fluctuations.

Refund Policy After This Date.

Convention Ticket
– Fully refundable until August 6 2024
– 50% refundable until Nov 6 2024
– After Nov 6 2024, non refundable.

Hotel Rooms:
– Non-Refundable by default.
– You may request a refund by November 6th 2024 and if the room is sold by Jan 6th 2024 we will refund 100%

– Until Dec 26th, 2024: fully refundable (100%)
– From Dec 27th: no refunds.

All refunds will be processed after the convention, within 2 weeks until Jan 23rd and the amount refunded may differ based on processing fees and currency fluctuations.

Israeli Credit Card Holders can pay in “Tashlumim” As we get nearer to the event the amount of “Tashlumim” available will decrease.

The convention committee has formed a scholarship sub-committee. You may email to request a scholarship. Please add a sentence or two of details.

We also suggest that each intergroup / group that has the capability to, should set aside some money to support scholarships for the convention.

You can sign up paying in either Shekels, Dollars (US) or Euroes.

Please note that due to the fluctuations of currency exchanges and the fact that the entire event is being paid for in shekels there may be slight changes both negatively or positively in the final USD and EUR prices. Secure an early bird ticket in order to lock in the prices shown on the site!

It may happen that you decide closer to the event to order more meals – or decide to stay in the hotel. If this is the case, please email us at with your request and we will do our utmost to accommodate your changes. Please note that the final date to order meals for the convention is December 26th 2024.

Attending the Conference

At the Bayit Ve-Gan Guest House itself there is underground parking, free of charge for those registered at the convention. There are up to 60 spots available, first come first serve.

Just across the street there is a paid parking lot at Mount Hertzl memorial, which has a capacity of 120 spots. Payment is through the Pango app.

There is an additional paid parking lot, also across the street nearby, by the light rail station, with a capacity of 450 spots. Those traveling by public transportation can receive a spot for free upon producing their public transportation card (Rav-Kav). Otherwise, parking is 57 shekel per day.

The base ticket cost is for all the days of the convention. Come as much or as little as you wish, but it is one ticket price for everyone, no exceptions.

International Travel

Citizens from most countries are able to visit Israel for up to three months without a Visa as long as they have a valid passport with a date more than six months longer than your date of arrival in Israel. Check with the Israel embassy site of your country if you are unsure if this applies to your country of citizenship.

Most international flights fly into Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) – (be sure to fly to there) which is about a 45-60 minute drive to Jerusalem depending on the traffic.

Food & Dining

There will be free snacks available throughout the entire convention. There will also be 4 meals – dinner on the 6th of January, lunch and dinner on the 7th of January and lunch on the 8th of January. There is also a sandwich option available in place of all those meals which will be a half baguette (sub) with various fillings (tuna/cheese/egg).

The price of lunch is 120 shekels ($35 USD – €33 EUR).

The price of dinner is 100 shekels ($30 USD – €28 EUR)

The price of a sandwich is 30 shekels ($6 USD – €6 EUR)

USD and EUR prices may change slightly over the coming 12 months based on currency fluctuations.

The Price of the meals will not change (outside of currency fluctuations for the registration period)

We will make all these food options available during the convention meals. Please mark your food requests during the sign up in the correct place.

The meals that will be served will be food certified as Rabbanut Mehadrin of Jerusalem. The refreshments served throughout the convention will vary between Badatz Eidah Chareidis, Rabbanut Mehadrin, and OU (Orthodox Union).

All meat is either She’erit, Agudah or Kehilos.


There are many ways to get to Jerusalem from Ben Gurion airport (TLV). The following links may help. Take note that from Friday afternoon until Saturday night transportation is limited in Israel (many restaurants are also closed)

General Travel Tips –

Moovit Tips –

Yes! The Bayit Ve-Gan Guest House, which is hosting the convention, is just a twenty-minute ride on the Jerusalem Light Rail to the city center and tourist hub. There is a station just across the street in front of Mount Hertzl, which has trains arriving about every twenty minutes. By car it can be even shorter.

Hotels & Lodging

The cost per person per night to stay in the convention center is 395 shekels ($115 / €110) There is a limited amount of single rooms available and they will be sold on first come first serve basis. Due to logistics we cannot sell single nights – so the price for two nights per person is 790 shekels ($230 / €220) There is an option to add an additional night for those who will fly in on Sunday the 5th of January 2025 for the same price.

Breakfast is included in the price of the bed.

Unfortunately we will not be able to offer beds outside of the three nights of 5-7 of January 2025. If you will be traveling to Israel for longer than these three nights you will need to arrange hotel/sleeping arrangements outside of the convention location.

USD and EUR prices may change slightly over the coming 12 months based on currency fluctuations.


It is our aim that at least a few of the breakout sessions will be streamed live as is customary in international conventions.

This amount may increase once the hotel is fully booked.

The plan is to translate all the sessions into Hebrew and English – the sessions will be a mix of Hebrew and English.

Depending on efforts from other countries we may be able to translate into other languages  – if you speak Hebrew or English and a third language and are willing to help translate, please email us at

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